08 Apr 2020

Retaining Walls


The location and steepness of a slope play a large role in factoring the construction of a retaining wall.  Retaining wall construction should ideally be done by professional landscapers only. Contact us today to get a professional evaluation of your South Okanagan project. 

We’ve been building retaining walls and constructing landscapes in the South Okanagan since 2008. Place your project in the hands of the local professionals and let’s get the project underway. 

06 May 2020

Irrigation & Blowouts

We do complete irrigation design for new installs as well as a fully specialized in existing irrigation repair.

We Supply, Install and Maintain Irrigation for: Residential. Commerical, Vineyards Wineries & Orchards. 

Having an irrigation system installed means that your lawns, plants and crops are being delivered with the appropriate amounts of water, at controlled intervals – saving you time and money.


06 May 2020

Lighting & Features

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Now that you’ve built it the way you want it, why not enjoy at dusk as well. With a modern wireless LED lighting system you can enjoy your oasis 24/7!


Exterior lighting systems not only offer a beautiful spotlight on your entire property, but it also gives property owners the added security and safety throughout the entire day that regular porch lights or solar pillars just can’t offer.  The main benefit of low voltage lighting is that it’s an affordable and energy-efficient way to create esthetic curb appeal to your home by showcasing your landscape and home exterior.  

06 May 2020

Drive/Walkways & Stairs

Driveways, Walkways & Stairs

Your walkways and driveway are the welcome mats for your home. Finishing your driveway and walkways not only creates a safe and beautiful appeal to your property, but it also adds to the resale value of your home.

Is yours in need of some repair or a replacement? If you live in the South Okanagan and are thinking of an upgrade for your walkways or driveway, consider a paving stone makeover by Rocks ‘N’ Blocks Landscaping & Irrigation

06 May 2020

Artificial Turf & Xeriscape

In the South Okanagan, artificial turf is growing in popularity for a long list of reasons. With our amazing year-round weather and abundance of activities to enjoy, it makes sense that many homeowners are moving to artificial turf. Less maintenance = more time for fun! Here are some of the benefits of installing artificial turf in your yard: Eco-friendly If protecting the environment is a top priority for you, artificial turf is your best option to support that. Since turf requires no watering, no fertilizer, and no mowing you can reduce your impact on the environment starting the day that it is installed. On top of that, many companies use recycled materials to make turf giving you another reason to love its positive environmental impact. Saves Money & Time  Because you no longer need to water, fertilize and mow your lawn you will save money in the long run. Think about the cost of maintaining your lawnmower every year, the cost of gas and fertilizer and the cost of water. These costs add up quickly and can save you a bundle over the approximate 25-year lifespan of turf.