Your walkways, driveway and stairs are the welcome mats for your home. Finishing your driveway and walkways not only creates a safe and beautiful appeal to your property, but it also adds to the resale value to your home.

Do your's need repair or a replacement? If you live in the South Okanagan and are thinking of an upgrade for your walkways or driveway, consider a paving stone makeover by Rocks ‘N’ Blocks Landscaping & Irrigation


Concrete is often thought to be the more cost-effective option versus paving stone. However, when you take into consideration the long-term cost for repairs and/or replacement of cracked concrete it often outweighs any initial savings. Many times, you are required to order a minimum amount of concrete which can mean paying for more than you need. When you consider the return on your investment, a paved stone driveway or walkway allows you to pay for only what you need and will also provide a higher value for your home.