We Supply, Install and Maintain Irrigation for: Residential. Commerical, Vineyards, Wineries & Orchards. 

Having an irrigation system installed means that your lawns, plants and crops are being delivered the appropriate amounts of water, at controlled intervals - saving you time and money.


Osoyoos is located in one of the most unusual geographical regions in Canada. Our community is in the centre of the Cascade Mountains, creating a hot, sunny, dry climate. Our geographical location even has it’s very own climate zone, called "Osoyoos Arid Biotic Zone."

Osoyoos and Oliver area have Canada's lowest annual precipitation, warmest annual temperature, and warmest fresh-water lake. This arid zone is the northern tip of the Sonoran Desert which extends from Mexico into Canada.  Osoyoos is biologically classified as Canada's only desert because of the unique plant and animal species of the region.

During the summer, the southern Okanagan Valley is on average one of the hottest areas in Canada during the day. Temperatures exceed 35 °C (95 °F) on average 17 days per summer, sometimes topping 38 °C (100 °F). (Wikipedia)

Osoyoos receives an average annual rainfall of less than 318 mm (12 inches) and 2039 hours of sunshine. This makes for near-perfect living and growing conditions, but the upkeep of lawns and agriculture in our dry climate requires dedication and efficient, affordable irrigation solutions.

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