Retaining walls help hold sloped areas in place and slow down runoff. They also add curb appeal and strength to a natural landscape.

The South Okanagan is famous for its picture-perfect mountains and natural landscapes. Many of the homes in the region are built on hillsides and require retaining walls to maintain the structure and safety of the property. In steeply sloped or hilly areas soil, erosion is not only harmful to the environment but can also cause injury if soil/sand movement occurs.


The location and steepness of a slope play a large role in factoring the construction of a retaining wall.  Retaining wall construction should ideally be done by professional landscapers only. Contact us today to get a professional evaluation of your South Okanagan project. 

We've been building retaining walls and constructing landscapes in the South Okanagan since 2008. Place your project in the hands of the local professionals and let's get the project underway.