In the South Okanagan, artificial turf is growing in popularity for a long list of reasons. With our beautiful landscapes, great year round weather and abundance of activities to enjoy, it makes sense that many homeowners are moving to artificial turf. Less maintenance=more time for fun! 

Here are some of the benefits of installing artificial turf in your yard. 

It’s Eco-Friendly

If protecting the environment is a top priority for you, artificial turf is your best option to support that. Since turf requires no watering, no fertilizer, and no mowing you can reduce your impact on the environment starting the day that it is installed. On top of that, many companies use recycled materials to make turf giving you another reason to love its positive environmental impact. 

It Saves You Money 

Because you no longer need to water, fertilize and mow your lawn you will save money in the long run. Think about the cost of maintaining your lawn mower every year, the cost of gas and fertilizer and the cost of water. These costs add up quickly and can save you a bundle over the approximate 25 year lifespan of turf. 

It’s Aesthetically Pleasing

Artificial turf has come a long ways in its design elements. Currently on the market you can choose from different blade lengths, colours and textures to fool even the keenest of eyes when they enter your space. With the proper choice of options, your artificial turf can look and feel exactly like a natural lawn without the long list of maintenance tasks. 

Smooth And Even Ground

When artificial turf is installed, the ground is rolled and smoothed out to create an even surface all around. With this legwork being completed before the turf is installed you avoid any pooling of water, will have no bare spots or empty patches or ruts. By having this initial work completed you will have a beautiful, even and safe space for kids to play, and adults to enjoy. 

Heat Isn’t an Issue 

In the Okanagan, we experience some intense heat waves during the summer months. Exposure to long periods of heat can be intense for real grass leaving you with brown spots, burnt grass or a massive water bill. No need to worry about any of these unsightly or expensive issues with artificial turf, ever. 

Sold on the benefits of artificial turf? Let’s chat about the options and find the best one for your space!