South Okanagan Grass and Perennials

Landscaping in the South Okanagan is a lot different than landscaping in other parts of our province and country. Our mild winters, and desert-like summers give us so much variety in the kinds of plants and landscapes we can enjoy. We have really unique foliage and flora that do exceptionally well in our climate.

Take a look at these ideas to get some inspiration for your new oasis:  

Popular Types of Plants


In the South Okanagan, we have the opportunity to grow beautiful plants and take advantage of the convenience of perennials. Because we have such mild winter months, perennials do well here and pop up in the spring with minimal upkeep. Perennials save a lot of work every spring and in the fall there is no need to completely remove and replace them.


Cedar Shrubs are one of our most popular products to plant in the Okanagan. Cedars are excellent windbreakers, and natural privacy screens. The require minimal maintenance and help to prevent soil erosion. Because of these qualities cedars protect other, smaller plants and help with increasing their longevity. 

Ornamental Grasses

Grasses are eco-friendly and another hugely popular plant option for our South Okanagan landscapes. Some varieties will help to keep deer from browsing through your foliage. There are certain species of grasses that grow low and wide – which make for excellent curbing and others that grow as tall as 6 feet which offer privacy and beauty. Because of their neutral colour and ability to grow in a variety of conditions, ornamental grasess are an ideal addition to your outdoor space. 

ornamental grass

Ready to create your South Okanagan Oasis?

If lush green grass is on your bucket list, We’ve got you covered! We offer artificial turf but also natural sod as well.  The convenience and affordability of sod makes it the popular choice for homeowners. 

Create a Barrier

When building your dream space, creating a barrier between your grass and plants is essential to complete the look. Curbing is the perfect way to achieve that look and make your space look tidy for the long haul. 

Add Some Water

Water features are a popular addition to many yards in the Okanagan. Whether you’re looking to add a pond, a fountain, or anything in between, a water feature is the perfect accent to your space. Rocks N’ Blocks can help you to construct a custom landscape that fits your space or work together to make your own design wish-list come to life. 

Decrease Your Workload

Irrigation is one of the most popular additions to any Okanagan yard. During our hot summer months it can be difficult to stay on top of watering to ensure your plants and grass get what they need. With our beautiful weather, the last thing you want to do is spend your free time manually moving sprinklers around. By installing your automated irrigation, you can rest assured that you will have more time to get full enjoyment out of your south okanagan summer.

If you’re ready to add some of these common elements to your outdoor space, let’s chat about how Rocks N’ Blocks can help!