In the South Okanagan we are fortunate to have mild winters, hot summer days and refreshing warm evenings. Our beautiful weather allows us to enjoy year-round outdoor time and endless entertaining on our decks or patios at night. 

Many of our clients in Osoyoos and Oliver have told us just how much more enjoyment they get from their yard spaces due to the additional lighting we have installed for them. Landscape lighting adds beauty, safety and the finishing touch to your outdoor living space. 

Our professional lighting options are high-quality and low-voltage – and the BEST part?… Our lighting solutions can be fully automated and managed on timers or remotely. The automation feature is especially convenient if you plan to be away from home for the evening and don’t want to come home in the dark, or if you will be away on vacation and want to create the appearance of your home and yard being occupied. 

Our lighting specialist will provide recommendations for best places to highlight your yard and home, and set-up all of the automation for you. No need to be techy! It’s a worry-free and easy-to-use solution and we walk you through it. 

Aside from the convenience of automation, here are two other common reasons to consider landscape lighting for your property:

  1. Showcasing Your Favourite Features 

Your yard and garden likely have some features you want to show off or draw attention to. Maybe you have a favourite plant or water feature you’d like to see anytime, day or night. Strategically placed lighting will bring these sections to life in the dark and ensure you get enjoyment out of your favourite features long into the evening hours. You’re proud of your yard, why not enjoy all of it at any time of day! 

By using lights, you can highlight and enhance different textures on the exterior of your home, patio, fence or walls. Showcasing those textures gives your yard depth and draws an eye to those specific features. 

  1. Highlighting Potential Hazards 

Most yards have some potentially hazardous areas that may seem innocent in the daylight. No matter how well a home is landscaped, any area that isn’t visible in the dark can be a surprise to visitors – Stairs, a sloping lawn, a water feature or different levels of decks can all be a trip-hazard when you cannot see clearly. Using landscape lighting to highlight these features is a great way to keep your space safe at any time of the day or night for family and guests. By keeping it safe, it’s much more enjoyable for both you and your visitors. 

Making yards functional and beautiful is our expertise – and Illuminating them is one of our specialties.